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Welcome to another new year! I pray that you survived the holidays, you’ve returned the decorations back to the rafters, and you are well on your way to living your new years resolutions. Oh… who am I kidding…I know what your doing, you’re angst ridden, frustrated, emotional,  and you can’t understand why. So…let me shed some light.

Tevet is one of the darkest and coldest times of the year and these qualities are often reflected in our personal lives as well. It brings us challenges that force us to tap into our inner resources and become stronger. In Tevet we uproot the remaining negative forces that keep us from realizing our dreams and visions. There is a natural tendency to restrict oneself, to be cautious, prudent, and focused during Tevet. This month is not so much a time to go forward or start new projects, but to be with oneself, to be reflective, to process deep feelings, and to purify. What we can witness this month will provide the openings and opportunities that will be available for us during the remainder of the year.

If you find yourself “out of sorts” , panties in a bunch, and dwelling on the past…just remember…there are forces beyond your control. Jupiter, the planet that ruled the previous month of Sagittarius, is about expansion, largeness of vision, optimism, and faith…but Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, is about restriction, establishing boundaries, discipline, and pragmatism. Saturn brings challenge. Saturn is a taskmaster, seen also as a teacher, who forces us to do our greatest learning through hardships. The inward and restrictive focus of this month enables one to go deeply inside and transcend limitations.

Some  practical suggestions that may make the trials of this month tolerable are as follows; In this dark month, it is imprtant to see the light within every person and every event. In this way, we remove the concealment of darkness. Whatever we see is reflected back to us; if we see the negative, the negative is reflected back. Make an effort to see the good in everyone and everything. Make an effort to suspend judgements about other people. Be mindful of your speech; when you are angry, make an effort to calm yourself and not speak or act impulsively, consider whether your words will contribute to the other person’s growth and healing, express your thoughts in a way that loves, honors, and is of service to others as well as to yourself.

Make a list of what you feel grateful for in your life. Take moments each day to acknowledge the gift of life and all the blessings you often take for granted. Nurture yourselves. Give yourself the time and energy that you need. Give yourself a hug, open fully to the experience of being embraced, and tell yourself out loud, “I love you”.

Sounds a little kooky I know, but soon you will find the season of Tevet has passed, you will have developed better tools for purifying and transforming negative emotions, and …you will be better prepared to embrace the season of Shevat…a time for inner renewal.

Love and Light, M.


(All excerpts in bold are from Melinda Ribner’s Kabbalah Month by Month, A Year of Spiritual Practice and Personal Transformation)


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I love the prospect of a new year and all of the hopes and resolutions that we attach to it.  A clean slate, a fresh new calendar and visions of starting over, changing old habits, creating new healthy routines and doing everything with a little more wisdom and compassion.

With Christmas just a few days away I am feeling excited and  prepared for the blessed celebration, the gathering of friends and family and the opening of gifts…while at the same time, understanding the anguish of so many around me who are plagued with a sense of upheaval, loss, and loneliness. The holidays are wrought with complex emotions and for those in the raw early stages of  divorce ,  it can be a time filled with heartache, confusion and uncertainty. Heck…for those of us who have already faced a few of the ghosts of Christmas’s past, it can be challenging and thought provoking. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day get subdivided among co-parents to accomodate children and extended families. Invariably, there are changes in family traditions, new faces at the table and empty seats where old friends and loved ones once sat. All of this unspoken emotion swirls around inside our hearts while we carry on  smiling and being cheerful.

I try to remind my friends that while the entire focus of December, (and much of November it seems), is directed on this one day… the truth is…it is only one day. If you can get through your first Christmas eve alone, or your first Christmas day without your kids, the dawning of the  new day will be full of promise and hope.

Likewise, the weight and importance of New Year’s Eve, inspires a feeling of dread for so many. On a superficial level… where you will  be, what you will wear and who you will  kiss at midnight, becomes an agonizing concern…while on a deeper level you are haunted by self reflection, and images of all that has been lost.   It is clear why we share a love/hate relationship with the holiday’s, but,  there are other forces responsible for our discontent. Let me explain.  

According to a relatively obscure Jewish mystical tradition known as Kabbalah, the “energy” attached to each month can be instrumental for  healing and personal transformation.  Melinda Ribner writes, To the uninitiated, this material may seem mystical or superstitious, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Many things exist that are beyond our powers of conception or reasoning. Just as there are various seasons and fluctuations in our weather, there are also fluctuations in the spiritual energies available.”

“In the Jewish calendar, a new month begins with the new moon.”  The period of time covering December-January is known as Tevet. The energy attached to this time of the year is the Purification and Transformation of Negative Emotions, and the Area Of  Healing is  Anger.  “Tevet is one of the darkest and coldest times of the year and these qualities are often reflected in our personal lives as well. Tevet brings challenges that force us to tap into our inner resources and become stronger. It is not a time to go forward or start new projects, but to be with oneself, to be reflective, to process deep feelings, and to purify.”

“During this month, many things will trigger your anger. Accept them as gracefully as you can. Nothing happens by accident. There will be goodness within every challenge you face. Make an conscious effort to let go of the need to be right and attempt to see everything and everyone in the best light.”

“As we go through life’s challenges this month and throughout the year, it is important to remember that nothing is coincidental, things don’t just happen, and that the deepest pain often precedes the greatest awakenings.” 

And that is sort of what happens as we move out of Tevet and in to Shevat  during January/February.  “In the previous month, Tevet, we fought the negative forces that were limiting us and keeping us from realizing our vision and dreams. But even though the purpose of the challenges we faced may not have been clear, the work we have done to meet and overcome them has not been in vain.”

“The seeds of our vision have been planted deeper within us, and we have been strenghtened; now in Shevat, the seed is sprouting. A little more patience is needed. Something new is going to come forth within you. Believe that you will bear new fruit and you will. “

“This month of renewal is the time to go deep inside and contact the creative energy within you. Open to a new beginning. Say yes to newness of life once again and allow the potential within you to come forth.”

So you see, there is a greater force responsible for the roller coaster of emotions you may be feeling.  “It may still be the heart of winter in many places, but Shevat marks a hidden and mystical time of new beginnings and rebirth. This month is a time of new inspiration and creativity. It is a time when it is easy to come close to God.”

“The renewal that occurs in Shevat is not yet manifest on the physical plane, but the process has begun and is occurring on the inner and hidden planes. We may have lived through a cold and challenging winter this year in our lives, but spring is coming. Be patient and never lose hope.”

 The prospect of a new year holds so much potential for you in ways that you can only imagine. In Shevat we experience a  time of breaking free from the past and beginning anew.  Ideas will spring forth, doors will open, new possibilities will present themselves to you. The key here  is to pray. When faced with what appear to be insurmountable challenges, we should move forward with faith, and trust in God.

Happy New Year!




Kabbalah Month by Month, A Year of Spiritual Practice and Personal Transformation, written by Melinda Ribner, provides detailed information on the history and meaning of each months energies, practical recommendations for transforming, and meditations for healing. 


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