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My thoughts always tend to reflect on gluttony and excess right about this time of the year. Is it the aftermath of feasting on all of the scrumptious traditional THANKSGIVING  foods?  Or,  is it the barrage of  BLACK FRIDAY options we are slammed with via our multimedia influences, telling us about all the STUFF we need to buy and buy now. I appreciate being able to get MORE stuff for LESS money, but what are our real needs?  Are we merely adding  MORE  inventory to fill an emotional emptiness?   Isn’t  there a real need to have LESS  proverbial baggage?  The answer is yes…more or less.

Definition of MORE OR LESS

1 : to a varying or undetermined extent or degree
I am convinced  that we spend the first half of our lives accumulating “stuff”. We marry, have kids, buy a house and fill it with stuff, then  buy a bigger house and  fill it with more stuff. We are not content to simply have more room, we need more stuff to put in it. When my children were very young we watched a wonderful little VEGGIE TALES  movie about a family caught up in consumerism. Shopping at “STUFFMART” they were never content with what they had and found themselves always looking for the next thing to buy, filling their house to excess until it literally toppled over. Losing everything showed them how askewed their value system had become.  Sound familiar?
We have lost track of what’s important. Images flash across our TV screens alerting us to pre-dawn shopping hours with people lining up days before to be first through the doors. Splice in a few news clips of the wreckage on the JERSEY SHORE  and you will quickly gain perspective on just  how disposible our “stuff” really is. If you have been unfortunate enough to experience the involuntary inventory reduction that comes with DIVORCE you have some sense of what if feels like to lose “your stuff”. Your home, many of your friends, your in-laws,  all go away when you and your X sign on the dotted line.  You begin to adjust to the process of learning to live with less.  
Hopefully what you learn from these experiences guides you in a direction of gratitude and an understanding of what really matters.
So,  in the aftermath of  Thanksgiving and looking forward to the holidays and the spirit of  giving and recieving,  I would like to begin compiling  a list of the things I want MORE or LESS of:
Quality Time with my children, my parents, my friends.
Laughter and silliness
And that’s all  I have to say about that…more or less.

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